5 creative uses for your vintage pots

When it comes to styling and repurposing your vintage pots, there are so many creative avenues you can take.

Find some inspiration in these creative five uses.


1. Succulent garden

Turn your shallow vintage pot into a lively succulent garden.

Simply gather some soil, stones and succulents. Make sure to put down a layer of small stones at the bottom for drainage, then layer on your soil and arrange your succulents and cactuses to suit.

Not only do vintage plant pots make for a revitalising addition to your home, but they’re also a great idea for a gift. 

Two separate images of succulents styled in vintage pots


2. A statement candle

Transform your pot into a statement candle.

Creating your own candle mix is a relatively simple process, and gives you the freedom to invent a scent that is uniquely you. 

You can get candle kits, with wax, wicks and scent. Follow the instructions on pouring your candle wax into the pot and placing wicks, allow to harden and enjoy.


3. Table centrepieces

Use your vintage pot as your table centrepiece.

Just style with a textured table runner and fill your vintage pot with seasonal decorations like roses for Valentine’s Day, bonbons for Christmas and seasonal fruits in between festivities.


4. Flower vase

Add your favourite freshly cut flowers to your ceramic pot to use as a flower vase. You could go classic or experiment with a more unusual arrangement. 

Add some magazines, candles and rustic home accessories to complete the look.

Two images of flowers styled in vintage ceramic flower pots

5. Bread basket 

Combine effortless style with practical use, and transform your pot into a country-style bread basket.

Simply drape a tea towel inside your pot and fill it with an assortment of fresh breads.

Make use of your new vintage pots in alternative ways and enjoy the satisfaction of your own creation.

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