Put away the winter blues—add sun and light with natural vintage wood furniture

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to put away those winter blues—and we mean that figuratively and literally. It’s time to make space for the sun and lightness of summer.

Vintage natural Chinese Elm cabinet

Sun-bleached and versatile vintage wood

Summer in Australia is like no other. That’s why we search far and wide for pieces that reflect that in our homes. This is where lighter, natural coloured vintage wood from our hand selected collection comes in—striking, solid artisan-crafted pieces  that we love for their beauty and their green footprint.

It’s that lovely, light, sun-kissed nature of vintage wood that perfectly reflects the feeling of summer in our surroundings. From accent pieces to solid furniture, they lighten up the indoors, pair well with any type of décor, and can contrast and combine with any colour.

Vintage natural Chinese Elm cabinet

Do more with summer and storage

One of the best ways to make the most of storage in a home, is to consider how you can make a statement and create space for what you want to store away. That’s where vintage and antique cabinets shine— as we put away heavy winter items and make space for the summer, what’s better than storage that’s both beautiful and practical.

At Watertiger, one of our favourite style of cabinets are those made from natural blonde woods which, through colour and texture, bring in the feeling of summer. Functional and elegant, they work in any room—smaller pieces can add character and a storage solution to limited spaces like a bathroom or apartment living, to larger statement pieces that can help pull a living or dining room together.

Vintage natural Chinese Elm cabinet


At Watertiger, we carefully curate wood pieces that ancient craftsmen chose for its strength, beauty and durability—the very reason these pieces continue to be loved and handed down over time. Whether they are in their original form or reclaimed and repurposed, they bring with them a lightness of colour, a striking natural grain and texture, with a unique rustic finish. For all the shades of summer.


Starting on Thursday October 7, 2021 through to Friday October 22, 2021, select natural wood vintage cabinets and furniture items are on sale, at 30% off.


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