4 reasons we love vintage retro furniture

Each piece of vintage retro furniture honours excellent craftsmanship and functional design. 

When it comes to summarising exactly why we adore vintage furniture, there are four main reasons.


1. Vintage furniture is built to last

The thing about vintage furniture is that it was crafted with longevity in mind.

Each era had its own style of furniture craftsmanship.

For example, during the Federal era, mahogany, maple and birch timbers were commonly used, along with fastidious craftsmanship at the forefront of furniture design.

This is in contrast to furniture manufacturing today, with its focus on cost-effectiveness, and the use of man-made materials like plastics and moulded laminates.


2. Retro furniture is unique

It’s basically impossible for you and your neighbour to have the exact same vintage dining table or vintage mirror.

Unlike mass-produced modern pieces, most vintage treasures are one-offs - adding a unique character to your home.


3. Sophisticated and timeless design

Not ruled by fleeting trends, vintage furniture tends to have a classic and timeless look

If you’re looking to add some sophistication and classic design to your home, you can’t go past incorporating vintage retro furniture into your home.


4. Eco-friendly and sustainable

Giving new life to older furniture is wonderful for the environment.

Making use of vintage pieces means that you’re saving a treasure from being tossed, as well as reducing demand for new furniture. 


Where to find vintage furniture

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