A look inside our home decor showroom in Sydney

Our home decor showroom is conveniently located just 7km from the Sydney CBD in the creative precinct known as Precinct 75. We decided on this space for our showroom because it’s a truly unique location. 

We’re surrounded by similar, unique businesses like delicious cafes and incredibly talented artisans. It’s become a very special place for everyone at Water tiger.

We’re able to hold hundreds of pieces at any one time in our 450m2 haven. That’s why, every day, without fail, you’ll find our home decor showroom in Sydney jam-packed full of treasures. 

Alongside founder Kathy, right-hand woman Edwina spends her days attending to the showroom and helping customers find the perfect vintage home decor for their home. 

“There’s always a lot going on in our showroom. Because we always have new stock coming in, we like to change things up so that every time you come in you see something new. It’s just like treasure hunting.”

Each month, we’re greeted with a new shipment of treasures brought over from a number of special places across Asia and beyond. This is the most exciting time for all of us in the showroom because it means there’s a wave of pieces to be styled. 

“Firstly, we unpack our new shipment, then we find the perfect place for each piece and place all of the different elements from all different countries. We like to mix and match the elements to create a truly remarkable experience in our showroom. 

We want our customers to come in and feel as if they’re immersed in a journey of discovery to find that perfect piece. Ultimately, we want to create a place that inspires people.”


vintage home decor showroom in Sydney

We find that our customers find a lot of inspiration in the way we style our showroom. In particular, there is a lot of inspiration to be drawn in the way we pair different types of wood, old with new elements and how we’re very free-flowing with our styling concepts - we’re not afraid to mix and match.

Looking to the future, opening a second showroom could be on the cards. We’re always thinking about the next opportunity and what that might look like. Whether that be a new showroom or something else, we’re not entirely sure yet, but we’re excited for what’s to come.

If you want to come and see our inspiring showroom for yourself, there’s no need to book an appointment. Pop in at any time between 10 am and 4 pm Monday to Saturday.

Simply follow the directions to our home decor showroom in Sydney, grab a coffee on the way and come and immerse yourself in our treasure trove of vintage home decor.