Holiday Gift Guide: Vintage gift ideas

Shopping for a vintage lover? 

Make the occasion extra special with these thoughtful vintage gift ideas.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is ideal for lovers of artefacts that hold significance and tell stories of the past.

Every piece of vintage furniture is unique to its era, its purpose and its heritage and is, therefore, one of the most special gifts you can give to show your affection. A vintage table can also make for great holiday decor.

Take a peek into the past of China, India, Morocco, Indonesia and choose the ultimate gift with these gift ideas,

Vintage Mirrors

Mirrors instil a feeling of luxury in a room.

Give your loved one an extraordinary gift with a vintage mirror.

We source vintage mirrors in a range of shapes, materials and sizes.

Need help picking the right mirror? Here's how to pick the right vintage mirror for your home.

Vintage Rugs

For a practical gift that can also be considered vintage art, you can’t go past Moroccan rugs.

These textured and colourful rugs are one of a kind and add vibrance and warmth to a space.

If you know your special someone takes a liking to bohemian style or Moroccan interiors, a vintage rug is an ideal gift.

Home Decor

You really can’t go wrong with gifting vintage home decor.

No matter what interior style the recipient has, there are always plenty of thoughtful and practical home decor additions they will find a use for.

We love gifting global home decor pieces like fruit bowls, pot plants, bed throws and vases.

You might also like to surprise them with a tribal mask or ox skull to add some character to a room.

Design Advice

If you’re undecided about purchasing a physical gift, you might want to consider a really unique gift idea: professional design advice.

She might prefer design advice from the experts at Water tiger before she chooses her ideal gift.

We offer a fully customisable design service to help clients achieve their dream home.

Whether you have a rough idea about the ultimate gift or you need some help to make a final decision, contact the team at Water tiger today and get your holiday gifts sorted.