How to warm up your space for Autumn

As autumn makes its latest entrance, we’re all yearning for things warmer and cosier, even if it doesn’t feel exactly like autumn every day. But it is time to bring life back inside our homes (and no, we don’t mean isolation).

This is when we truly enjoy spending more time in our havens, so here's some tips on how to easily add the warmth we crave.

Add the right textures

Textured fabrics are a great way to surround yourself with warmth, especially when you want to get cosy. Bring in some earthy autumn colours by adding some eclectic cushions to your favourite couch or daybed, add some matching throws, or change up the space by adding a gorgeous vintage rug that will help pull the room together.

Try these hand-woven, artisan bilum cushions.

Vintage bilum hand woven cushion

The warmth of wood

Vintage wood, with its natural colours and wear, helps create warmth in so many ways. Add a new coffee table to gather your space around, or a side board in which to keep your favourite throws. Or feature a change-up through special touches—vintage wood planters are a great way to bring nature indoors and brighten your space.

And keep it interesting, like these repurposed planters from old Chinese carts' wooden wheel axles. 

Vintage chinese wood planter from wooden wheel axles from old Chinese carts

Indoor entertaining

It’s time to bring entertaining back indoors. But if cooler temperatures limit your space to entertain, the best way to accommodate friends and family is through versatile seating. Try vintage chairs or worker stools, which can be practical décor when not in use, but a great way to expand seating when socialising calls for it.

For beauty and versatility, try antique chairs like these from China.

Antique vintage square top Chinese chairs

Create your nook

There’s nothing better than that perfect spot where you can curl up with your latest book and a hot drink, whether that’s the couch, or a lazy weekend morning in bed. One of our favourite interior designers, Tamsin Johnson, understands bedside moments—mixing vintage side tables and rugs with fresh and comfortable linens, for the ideal lie in.

Check out her the latest in her own home, in ELLE Decor magazine’s April 2022 edition.

Tamsin Johnson interior design


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