Revitalise your home: Ideas for brightening your living spaces

With spring in the air, and many Australians still in lockdown, there’s never a better time to reinvigorate your home—even with small changes. Spending time to restyle and change up your space can not only be deeply satisfying, it can also help give it—and you—a much needed boost.

That special something

What better way for your space to better reflect your style than with a one-of-a-kind, vintage, artisan crafted piece. Add colour with a Tamegroute ceramics, bring the outside in with terracotta planters, or feature statement candlesticks or ancient daily life pieces repurposed as art.

Vintage and antique homewares and accessories


Work with walls

A blank wall is the perfect canvas, especially to try new things. Here you can create a feature that breathes new life to the space. Give it depth with a vintage wooden screen, frame a rich textile instead of a print, or bring the room together with a stunning hand-crafted mirror.

Vintage and antique mirrors, screens, textiles and doors


Light it up

One immediate way to change the feeling of a room is with lighting. And what better way than with some decorative shades or lamps. Consider pieces handcrafted by local artisans using natural fibres, such as rattan, bamboo, paper and cane.

Artisan crafted lamp and lighting shades


Add accents

One of the easiest ways to revitalise a space, without changing your larger pieces, is to play with accents and textures. Add some colour and comfort with soft furnishings like cushions or throws, or bring in a rug or an ottoman to centre the space and add a cozy feel.

Vintage soft furnishings, textiles, rugs and accessories