Style your home with Moroccan rugs and floor cushions

Moroccan decor celebrates the vibrant and beautiful mix of African and European culture.

With alluring curved doorways and extravagant tiling, the people of Morocco have created a captivating and unique style.

If you’re looking to instil Moroccan decor in your home, follow these styling tips and introduce Moroccan rugs and floor cushions seamlessly into your home.


Where Moroccan rugs and cushions work best

Moroccan floor cushions and rugs can be tied into any room with the right styling.

These rugs and cushions work best in rooms where you want to add vibrancy and texture to emphasise an inviting space.


Outdoor spaces

Adding Moroccan cushions to an outdoor daybed can dramatically change the feel of the space. 

Add a vintage mirror, exotic plants and lanterns and you’ve got yourself a dreamy Moroccan outdoor nook.

Two images. Left side image of bright orange vintage Moroccan floor cushion beside low coffee table. Second image of cream coloured vintage Moroccan floor cushion by a small round table.


When it comes to styling a bedroom, Moroccan cushions make the perfect throw pillows to brighten up the room.

You might also like to tie in some traditional home decor elements like authentic Moroccan tagines.


Living Room

You can use couch cushions from Morocco to add a pop of colour in neutral spaces.

Strategically place one or more rugs by your couch to create a textured, colourful and cheerful space.

Image of cream and black vintage Moroccan rug strategically placed by a vintage day bed.

Dining Room

Moroccan cushions and rugs paired with low furniture is a simple yet effective way to instil a Moroccan feel into your home.

Source some authentic teacups or coffee mugs and enjoy entertaining friends and family in authentic Moroccan style.

Speak to the team at Water tiger today and they’ll be more than happy to help you find the perfect Moroccan rugs and cushions for your home.

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