Styling inspiration with rustic Asian furniture

Establish an exotic feeling in any room of your home with rustic Asian furniture.

Get our best styling tips for Chinese antique furniture, vintage home decor from India and Indonesian furniture.


Styling with Chinese antique furniture


Chinese cabinets should be styled as a statement piece within a room.

We suggest styling these cabinets minimally with, for example, an aged clay pot.

Add some vintage homewares and a suitable Chinese wall hanging.

Chinese antique furniture cabinet with clay pots


Screen Doors

Screen doors are a staple piece of furniture passed down throughout Asian culture.  

For maximum functionality and effortless styling, place vintage doors in the bathroom, bedroom as a backdrop or as a soft divider within a large room.



Reinforce rustic Asian style with a collection of Chinese stools. 

Rather than simply utilising the stools as chairs, think creatively about your Chinese vintage stool placement.

You might like to use your stools as a textural stand for house plants or beneath a piece of art as a wall feature.

three rustic Asian furniture stools upon a table 


Styling Indian Home Decor


Vintage home decor from India has always featured eclectic cushions and throws.

Not only do the vibrant prints add colour, but they invite a sense of comfort into a room.

Decorate your living room and bedrooms with cushions and throws to achieve an eclectic feel.


Coffee Tables

Who says meals have to be around a formal dining table?

Incorporate a vintage coffee table into your living room and adorn with candles, flowers and homewares for an unforgettable dining experience.

Rustic Indian Coffee Table



Accentuate your rustic interior with decorative vintage mirrors.

Place the mirrors on the floor against a wall or on a vintage table for a real rustic feel.


Indonesian Furniture Styling


Create a centrepiece for your room or an inviting space outdoors with a traditional daybed.

Style your Indonesian daybed with linen cushions and textured pillows for a relaxed feel.

Stick to neutral colours throughout, so as to not take away from the wooden craftsmanship.

Surround your daybed with plenty of native foliage to really reinforce a global feel.

 Balinese Furniture Daybed



Your Indonesian sanctuary wouldn’t be complete without lighting.

Style these stainless steel lampshades as a small group or a large collection to really bring your Indonesian-inspired space life.

Balinese furniture lampshades


Feeling Inspired?

Create your own exotic sanctuary with rustic Asian furniture.

Find a selection of carefully selected vintage furniture treasures at Water tiger and reach out for styling advice from nomadic traveller herself, Kathrin Bruce.