The hero furniture piece effect: How a statement piece can pull your home together.

Every home deserves a hero—that furniture piece that pulls everything together. Whether it’s a style statement, or a timeless investment, whether it's building a room from scratch or adding a new piece to update your home, it’s that talking point that says everything about your style.

So, whether it’s a bold piece like a show-stopping antique door, or an artisan-crafted armoire, or smaller statement pieces like a sideboard or even a rug, here’s how to consider your perfect hero piece.

It can be big and bold

Many statement pieces are big and bold—and there’s no reason to shy away from that. Even in a smaller space, it can make it feel grand. And in a larger space it helps pull everything together to create a perfect balance. So go ahead a splurge on that must-have that will make your home. You can never be too bold.

Green vintage Balinese screen

Or it can just be bold, and loved

Sometimes a hero piece is not about the space it takes up—it’s about what it means to you. Smaller, much-loved pieces can still make a statement and be central to your home. Whether it’s that coffee table you couldn’t put out of your mind, or a sideboard that also helps you get organised, make it count.

Vintage sideboard or side table

Build around it

A perfect hero piece serves a purpose. It’s designed to draw everything together—a natural focal point that guides how the rest of the space comes together, and unifies your style in way that entirely personal to you. That means that every piece around it serves a purpose too, whether it’s to extend the feeling, or create a contrast. 

Vintage Moroccan rug

And consider rethinking the context

Real style doesn’t follow a formula. Instead, it should reflect who you are—the contrast and balance of our lives that keeps things interesting. So, introduce a vintage piece in a modern setting. Mix strong textures with smooth textiles. Find the right match in pieces from different places around the world. Then you know your home is saying something only you can say.