Time for Bali: Sourcing in person for the first time since the pandemic

One of the traits that makes Watertiger unique is our unparalleled access to local vendors and suppliers around the globe, and our ability to personally—and in person—hand select the right treasures we bring home to you.

While the world was in lock down, one of the things that we were most grateful for was that our relationships with our suppliers held strong, and we continued to have access using technology and a great deal of trust. You can read more about how we were able to access new finds during the pandemic here.

But now, as the world opens up to us again, our founder, Kathy Bruce, was thrilled to visit Bali again. Here’s what she found.

Images of Bali sourcing trip


The first thing I realised is: I missed Bali. And I missed my standard routine of days running around from supplier to supplier, sneaking in few spa treatments, and lots of nasi goreng.

But what I found was a different Bali. There’s little traffic, there’s no problem getting a table or spa appointment, and the wonderful Balinese are still smiling. However, so many stores are gone, and many locally run restaurants are closed. Some of the more established places are still operating, but you can only visit those so many times.

The truth is the island needs us back.


Seminyak and Legian were very hard hit, needing our love and visits now so they can return to being the place we love. You can still luxuriate by the pool with plenty cocktails, and access spa treatments. But those endless days of shopping will need to wait a few more months.

As for Canggu, it seemed that anyone in the world that could possibly work remotely arrived here last year. It has always been overcrowded, but I’ve never seen it so bad. But if you’re happy to stay very local, it’s probably still great. It’s a little sad that there’s an overwhelming love for Canggu, and a connection with Bali, but that love is nowhere to be seen in “old” Bali. It seems like two different countries. A balance would really help all.

As for sourcing, I am very blessed. It was wonderful to connect with old and new suppliers and explore their finds.

Vintage and antique suppliers in Bali
Vintage and antique shopping in Bali

In the 20 some years we've been importing vintage and antiques from Indonesia, I’m surprised and delighted to find that I haven’t seen it all. This trip was no exception. My routine of running around from supplier to supplier, and exploring new finds, was just as fun and as satisfying as I remember. Can’t wait to share it all on its arrival. 

Vintage and antiques from Bali Indonesia


Vintage and antiques from Bali Indonesia

But coming back to Bali, if you’re as anxious to visit as I was, I’d say wait a few more weeks or months. But then I’d say, come soon. They need us.