Usher in Spring with vintage planters and pots for indoor and outdoor plants

Spring is in the air, and there’s no time like now to hurry nature along. Whether it’s getting stuck into your garden, refreshing the patio, or bringing the outside indoors, here’s some tips for a unique decorative approach.

We’re fans of vintage and antique planters and pots that you won’t find just anywhere. These are handcrafted pieces that we’ve repurposed—as we love to find new ways to give life to vintage items—with unique markings gained through age and use, that makes each of them one of a kind.

Use planters that are organic

Vintage organic teak pot

What better way to display the beauty of nature, than with solid planters that are organic in shape and matter. Vintage planters such as these, carved from solid teak, are ideal to add some texture to your indoor space, and help your plants stand out. Try mixing up colours and variations for some contrast, like Devil’s Ivy and a Calathea or Peacock plant.

These planters are also great for outdoor patio areas. With the weather and exposure, they grey and age beautifully over time.

Create a statement with iron planters

Vintage iron pots from India

Add a unique touch with vintage iron pots, perfect for an industrial, recycled look. Some of these planters from India still show remnants of the original paint. These are also great for indoor and outdoor use—it’s a one-of-a-kind piece that ads character to your collection.

When used outdoors, this lighter shade of metal and paint is better for deflecting heat, but make sure to place your plants in it in a plastic pot to act as a lining and shield the roots. Try a China Doll plant, or contrast the rustic with Azaleas and Begonias.

Decorative pots for indoor plants

Vintage wooden pots from India

Rustic and individual, these hand-carved wooden pots from India are ideal for smaller plants, or for displaying fresh flower arrangements. Add them to existing pot groupings for warmth and contrast. Try a striking Bromeliad or a Flamingo Lily to brighten your space if you have access to direct light, or the hard-to-kill Mother in Law’s tongue for the black-thumbed.

Uniquely textured vases

Paper mache vases

Have a smaller place, or prefer to bring in fresh-cut flowers or foliage? These handmade paper mache vases from India add unique softness and texture, and are ideal for featuring colour cuttings. Add them to your shelf of treasures to create contrast between materials.


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