Vintage in the modern mix: Expressing your unique style

Homes that are designed to be truly liveable can rarely be described in a single style, or defined by a single decade or point in time. Instead, those homes create a uniquely personal style by integrating different elements and pieces from different times. What pulls them together is the personality and style of the owner.

The desire to mix old and new can happen in different ways—it can be driven by the age and architecture of the home itself, it can be a designed around a hero antique piece, like an heirloom, or a special find from your favourite vintage store. Or in many cases it’s just because how the piece fits simply make you happy.

However it comes about, it really is all about expressing yourself, and creating the space you desire.

Here’s some great ways we’ve seen the ideal vintage-modern mix.

Opt for minimal

The beauty of antiques and vintage is that it comes in a vast array of styles. In the case of organic pieces, like those from Nagaland, you get lovely simple and sleek lines that work beautifully within modern settings. We love how @perspectivestudio here mix a vintage naga coffee table in a stark modern setting.

Vintage naga coffee table

Get creative

On the opposite end of minimal, there are great ways to get creative with more decorative or uniquely ornate vintage items that add texture and personality. Even with larger hero pieces, such as doors or screens, can pull together a modern setting with twist. Here we turned it sideways, for an amazing headboard.

Vintage door as headboard

Balance textures

Even the most modern lines can use a little texture, especially to add some warmth to a liveable space. And it doesn’t hurt when that texture also adds practical elements. That’s where storage comes in. Small consoles can be placed in different areas around the house, from entryways to bedrooms, and add charm and practicality.

Vintage console


No matter how you choose to mix it up, the most important element to the vintage modern mix is that it’s all about you and the expression of your style.

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