How to care for vintage wood furniture

Vintage furniture is often highly sought after because of its ability to give character and uniqueness to a home.

Like anything worthwhile, vintage furniture should be tended to with care and respect. 

Properly caring for vintage wooden furniture will help it last longer, as well as hold its value.

To better understand how you should be looking after your treasured pieces, simply follow this comprehensive on how to care for vintage furniture.

Avoid heaters and air conditioning

When placing your furniture, you should also be mindful of heating and cooling sources in the room.

If a piece is placed too close to a heater or radiator, the glue in its joints can loosen. 

Certain woods can also expand and crack.

The same goes for placements too close to cooling sources such as air conditioners.

For expert advice on room temperatures and humidity when deciding where to place your furniture, you should seek the help of a professional home designer.


Wax (don’t oil)

For wooden furniture pieces, we recommend using a natural ingredient wax like beeswax rather than silicone-based waxes or oils.

This is because strong chemicals can be far too harsh on ageing wood and oils can degrade a piece’s finish over time.

Applying wax should only occur one to two times a year, or when you start to see signs of wear.


Dust regularly

You’ll want to rid your furniture of dust regularly, to ensure not only your own health but the health of your precious furniture.

Although your first thought might be to use a feather duster, feathers can actually cause minuscule cuts that can lead to bigger problems if used regularly.

Instead, use a clean microfiber cloth (similar to those you might use to clean your glasses).

Dust your wooden furniture regularly to maintain their finish and value.


Only clean with water (no chemicals)

Cleaning your vintage wooden furniture is a lot easier than you might initially think.

For most pieces, you should only use water to clean. 

This is because older wood furniture is built to last and harsh chemicals and cleaners can do more harm than good.

Simply take a damp microfibre cloth and give your furniture a soft wipe.

However, this is up to your discretion, and it is always best to gain the reassurance from a professional.


Caring for vintage wood furniture

Taking care of your vintage furniture is as easy as treating them with the respect they deserve and by following these six vintage furniture care tips.

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