How to incorporate vintage chairs into a modern home design

When thoughtfully incorporated, vintage chairs have the ability to complement a modern home seamlessly.

If you’re looking to add some character to your home, you’ll want to read our top tips for incorporating vintage chairs, vintage stools and vintage benches into a modern setting.


1. Decide how you want the room to feel

First, you should decide on how you want people to feel when they enter the room. 

Do you want the room to feel open and inviting? Or perhaps you’re looking to introduce a more formal and distinguished feel.

Once you’ve decided on the mood for the room, you’ll want to find the right chairs to convey the desired feel. 

If you’ve decided on adding formality to a dining room, incorporate four statement vintage chairs at each end and along each side of a robust oval dining table.

Once you’re confident that you’ve made a statement, style the room with additional, complementing home accessories

You might want to add a chandelier, tall standing candlesticks, and line the walls with artwork.

The perfect pairing of vintage pieces with modern decor instantly transforms any dining room into a dignified dining space. 


2. Incorporate vintage accents

To achieve more subtle incorporation of vintage pieces into a modern home design, stick to only one or two pieces.

Place a vintage stool like our round top elmwood stool in the bathroom by the bathtub and add bathroom essentials like a towel or decorative elements like seashells or flowers. 

You can style any modern room with a vintage chair, you just have to think creatively.

Just remember not to rush, and take time to pick up on the subtle shapes, materials and fabrics of a room and complement them with a suitable piece of vintage furniture.


3. Less is more

Be selective with the vintage pieces you choose to incorporate.

When it comes to introducing vintage chairs into a modern home design, it can easily be overdone and appear mismatched.

A good rule of thumb is to add small but impactful vintage accents over time. That way you can add as you feel necessary and avoid overdoing it.

We love adding small vintage accents like the vibrant Moroccan round leather ottomans or patterned Moroccan rattan ottomans placed in a living room.

Vintage pieces are also always a great addition to an outdoor living space and look fantastic against a textured feature wall.

Incorporate some handmade woven plaited stools with an authentic vintage Indian box seat, plenty of greenery and a touch of luxury with handmade vintage mirrors to create a dreamy vintage corner.

Just remember to start with one or two pieces and add as you feel necessary. 


Start incorporating vintage chairs into your modern home today

With thoughtful incorporation of vintage chairs, you can significantly influence the feel of a room and strategically complement the modern home design.

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