How to make eclectic interior design work in any space

Eclectic interior design celebrates different styles, movements and eras by embracing varying decor and design elements.

While at first it can appear like an assortment of random items, eclectic home decor comes together with careful consideration and a few simple styling tips.

Start with a neutral background

Shades of white, grey, black or tan wall colourings provide a blank canvas to which you can freely add or subtract. You could also introduce natural materials like wood or stone. 

Starting with a neutral background gives way to striking focal points and statement features that are the showcase of this interior design style.

Introduce a hero piece

Adding a hero piece, whether it’s vintage furniture or a striking artwork, is really where your interior comes to life. 

To use a statement piece effectively, make sure it’s the focal point of the room. You can subtly arrange furniture to centre the piece or use lighting to capture attention.

Layer texture throughout the space

A key element to making eclectic interior design work is using different textures to add contrast.

Layer a diverse range of textures that visually link different styles. For example pairing a plush vintage rug with polished marble, ornate vintage mirror against neutral walls or weathered wooden treasures on smooth countertops.

Bohemian decorating style is a great example of creating contrast using textures from macrame, natural timbers, plants and patterned throws.

Combine different time periods and global influences

A global eclectic space can be constructed from exotic treasures found overseas or vintage decor purchased closer to home.

By using textures, tones and patterns of different eras and influences to add balance in creating a global feel.

Coordinate with colour

It’s important to maintain a common thread through your styling and using colour is an easy and effective way to bring your decor together.

Select a colour that can be used in different areas of the room in a variety of prints and patterns.

You can use secondary accents to balance out the intensity and maintain structure in the room.

Mix up the furniture

Showcase signature vintage furniture pieces and unique artisanal finds. 

Introducing a vintage cabinet can be a great way to add a striking focal point and serve as a surface to showcase treasures.

Master eclectic decor with the help of a professional

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