Journey to Morocco

In pursuit of discovering crafted vintage and artisanal pieces - Founder and Creative Director, Kathy Bruce – travels the globe to source the beautiful items that make up her collections.

The journey to Morocco had been a long awaited one. Tales of palatial riads, colourful markets and aged terracotta buildings had created a story that for one needed to be explored and then ultimately told. Finding treasures beneath this surface was something that had piqued Kathy’s interest and by taking her son Caleb on this journey with her, she was able to slowly peel back the layers and unfold the story that will work to become the basis for Water Tiger’s next collection.

Signage  Caleb with snake

Through the power of social media, Kathy met a like-minded business owner based in the US. Sharing a common ground and with a healthy business relationship, they were able to exchange international contacts and ideas in the past. This relationship proved no different on this trip as Kathy was fortunate to be given the name of the individual who had helped her American friend for over 20 years.

The man who would become Kathy’s expert on all things Morocco proceeded to take them through the medina and to the outskirts of Marrakech in search of the best pieces at the most competitive prices. Terracotta pots, rattan baskets and beautiful green tamegroute pottery were some of the artefacts that were presented to her. Antique Berber doors and statement rugs followed where only later did she realize that these finds would become the capstone pieces of her expanding Morocco collection.
Eight days flew by and before she knew it her time in Morocco was nearly at its end. Looking back, she realized her journey was filled with unexpected discoveries facilitated by a strong connection to the people and to the land of Morocco. What made the journey even more memorable was being able to share the journey with her son and ultimately give them both an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

A 40-foot container will be landing in early May so watch this space for details of its arrival and the chance to preorder some of the collectables.