Our favourite boho interior design trends

Boho interior design is a self-expressive outlet for the creative stylist.

And for that reason, it continues to gain popularity across the globe.

We love keeping track of bohemian style trends and have compiled some of our favourites below.

Layered Spaces

Bohemian design is all about thoughtful layering from the floor up.

Vintage rugs provide warmth and texture and are a great foundation for a space.

We’ve seen excellent use of vintage mirrors and home accessories layered upon walls and cabinets and the bohemian style brought to life with ornate Moroccan cushions strategically placed upon benches and daybeds.


Low Standing Furniture

Another boho interior design trend we’ve grown fond of is the integration of low standing furniture.

Low seating options like daybeds and vintage benches, floor poufs and French Provincial cushions are not only practical for accommodating guests, but also create a laid back ambience.

Playful Patterns & Bold Colours

We love a space layered with playful patterns and textures. 

Consider layering bold textiles like throws, rugs and home accessories in jewel tones to create a bohemian feel.

There are also plenty of fantastic examples of modern homes adorned with blue hue patterned rugs, pillows and throws to create effortless coastal boho decor.


Plants & Botanicals

Leafy decor is a cost-effective and natural way to enhance a relaxed atmosphere.

We’ve seen plenty of hanging plants, vintage plant pots and climbing ferns used in boho style homes.

Create your bohemian sanctuary with Water tiger

Get creative with your space and enjoy the process that is bohemian interior design.

For expert boho interior design advice, reach out our very own nomadic traveller and Water tiger founder, Kathrin Bruce.

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