What we love about vintage global style

Water tiger founder Kathrin Bruce has dedicated her life to travelling the globe in search of one-of-a-kind vintage global treasures.

When it comes to the reasons behind her love for exotic furniture and homewares, and progressively, the inception of Water tiger, there are a few key reasons.


The eclectic style 

Combining vintage furniture with new furniture is an effortless way to establish a one of a kind feel. 

By adding vintage-style furniture to your home, you inject character. Then, with a balance of modern decor in mind, you can achieve an eclectic home decor style.
Moreover, authentic treasures from global destinations add character as well as a talking point.

Decorate your eclectic home with a range of beautiful vintage Indian home decor.


Indian home decor vintage mirror and chair


Vintage pieces mesh well with any interior

One-of-a-kind artisanal pieces encompass everything from antique furniture to intricate soft furnishings. 

You’ll never have trouble finding exotic accessories that mesh pleasantly with your established interior.

Chinese antique furniture and homewares lend an exotic and timeless accent to any space.


 Chinese antique furniture

Each piece has a story

Each piece of furniture tells the story of its place of origin, including artisans. Their story is told through the fastidious craftsmanship that has passed through generations and witnessed history unfold.

Kathrin has spent over two decades sourcing historical furniture and homewares. She recognises the sentimental value and connection vintage furniture holds and finds pleasure in spreading the joy to her Australian customers. 

Transform your space with the rich history present in vintage Balinese furniture


vintage Balinese furniture

Vintage global style destinations

The beauty of global style is that it lies in every destination across the globe. Every country has a history and tells its story through its artefacts.

Water tiger sources the majority of our vintage Asian furniture from India, China and Indonesia as well as a range of vintage homewares from a number of global destinations.

Have you fallen in love with rustic Asian furniture and vintage global style?

Inject authentic character into your home with our carefully curated vintage furniture collection.

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